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Four Musicians in Mexico 

click her to see the completed painting


Musicians is a work in progress.  I started by posting the painting on Facebook.  And  now that I’m adding to it, I can’t figure out how to add photos from my phone to the work in progress album.  So I’m redoing this project here on the blog.  Something nice about doing a work in progress.

These musicians were wonderful and I loved their music.  I have no idea what that harp was but they made a unique sound.  When you are drawing freehand, it just comes out a certain way.  Looking at this now, these guys look pretty shrunken, as though they have been put through a shrinking machine.  But they all look the same way to “Honey I shrunk the kids” look is consistent.  ha ha ha

This is turning out to be a very fun painting.  I will publish this to Facebook because at least it will make some kind of sense.

So here’s the updated work in progress along with the original Facebook post.

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