Snow Mountain Melting abstract painting

Somewhere in our near future the ice caps may disappear. The frozen tundra will melt and the bears and whales and little critters will disappear. The oceans will turn red and the fish and coral reefs will fry. This painting is full of predictions and angst. It’s not too late to change the scenario.
Here is the link for the framed version of this painting


Red headed girl in her secret garden

secret garden

This is a fun illustration I did on a very large sheet of watercolor paper. She sees a garden in her mind’s eye. It contains various birds, some common and some exotic. Find the green frogs climbing a red tree and a mamma bird with her baby chicks.
This was lots of fun to illustrate and more fun to color. Enjoy it on my products.


Purple and Green Transparent Watercolor

purple and green abstract

I did this large watercolor a few months ago. It started with an under-painting
done with a lot of wet on wet base acrylic washes. When dry, I just started painting the negative shapes with transparent washes, getting bolder and bolder as I went along. The more I painted, the more I saw where the images and shapes could go. The basic idea is to keep the colors clear, define the motion in the composition and build a depth that transparent watercolors can do so well.|
I have done this technique since my old days in California when I did a lot of big watercolors outside; moving from sun to shade as needed. The technique suits me as it is an exciting and very immediate way to paint. If you are familiar with my years of drawing in scratchboard, you know I love detail. Here, with this discipline, it’s more about feelings and movement. Drawing and painting to me is like music and movement and it’s more fun when it’s completely unpredictable. That makes it exciting.
Over time I have learned to give the art the freedom to paint itself. If you try too hard to turn it into something you see in your head, you run the risk of killing it by overwork. You can’t manipulate art into a pre-conceived idea because it isn’t pre-conceived. The idea has to have time and space to grow and develop.
The concept behind this kind of work is to take it slow and go where the composition tells you it wants to go. I used some clippings from the garden to draw from. I sold this painting last week and that’s very cool because it is giving me confidence to do another one and I really enjoy this way of painting.
I did another one of this style yesterday and took some pictures as I went along. I hope to put these pictures on my blog this week. I am toying with the idea of expanding this little blog into a learning/sharing place instead of the original idea of it solely being a record for me of what I’ve painted here since I landed in Mexico. I’ll see if it works out in terms of time. I want to add to my digital skill-set but I-ve been busy building houses and moving to another country. for the last few years. I think it will be fun to explore some other social media. and some other online exposure.
I adore my new workspace in my new house and my skylight that I paint under. The weather here in Mexico is always good for painting. Even when it’s pouring rain, it’s never cold or uncomfortably damp. It’s a dream for me because what I did not relish about the northwest was all the rainy days. Watercolors took forever to dry and it slowed me down.
Here’s a link to view this art on my Redbubble site

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A few tulips

tulip-combo web

I have not been posting here in a long time as I have been filling every day with remodeling a house in Mexico.  The project has taken literally 100% of my time.
I also no longer have hi speed internet.  When you rent, the wi fi belongs to the owner of the property.  Upon moving, I lost my wi fi.  This is a difficult concept to grasp but I had no choice in the matter.  Now that I own a home here, with proper procedures, I can get on a waiting list.   I plan to get good service which will be fibre optics as soon as I can but
that is dependent upon many technical and administrative goals to be achieved and a time element I have no control over.  I won\t
go into details but it is complicated to say the least.  Life in Mexico is very easy for some things and very complex for others.  Also the town I live in is putting up all new transformers and poles.  The new poles aren’t completed yet.   We seem to have lost power on a weekly basis for months now but it is slowly getting better.  The main drag is being completely overhauled and redesigned to be safer and more efficient.  It’s hard when there is only one street in an out of town.   For now at least I have something
which at times can be as slow as ancient dial up.  I may be posting photos of the remodeling I’ve done to my cute little abode.  It will depend if I have enough energy. ha

These are little watercolors done out of my head and I’m just putting them here as a
test so I don’t forget how to type or upload anything. chuckle. chuckle. It ain’t so funny. So it looks like this house demands another full month of my time.  I’m shooting for the bulk completion at the end of July.  Since the onset of Covid 19, social distancing, etc. I miss my blog as its primary function for me is to keep a record of what I’m doing here in the progress of my art and watercolor painting.

Lots of people have really suffered with this horrific pandemic and I have only felt a little discomfort from time to time.  I don’t and won’t complain.  I keep my workers employed and that is my contribution to the Mexican labor force that is so loyal and hard working.  They have families to feed and life is normally a struggle anyway so this is super hard for them.

I am going to try to draw every day even if it’s for a few hours.  I miss working on my tablet, my originals on paper and anything I am used to.  I am painting some paper mache animals and masks a friend made for me.  It will be a gringa’s view of a traditional craft.

purchase here




Vaquita Marina


The word vaquita is Spanish for “little cow”.  He is a species of porpoise and on the brink of extinction.  One of the world’s most threatened marine species is a tiny porpoise.  It only exists in the Gulf of California, outside of Mexico. It is officially one of Mexico’s threatened species.  No one knows for sure how many are still alive today; but by 2018 there were less than 19, according to researchers estimate. Unless the decline of this species can be halted, the vaquitas are likely to go extinct before 2021.  What a beautiful little guy.  It is frustrating to watch the process and we can’t do anything about it.  So if all I can do is draw.  I draw.
With the lock down in place from covid 19, I should have lots of time.  In reality, I don’t have more time.  I am just busier than ever, and that’s a lot for me.  I chose to get into the guts of photoshop and learn a new interface and grapple with new tools and the wonderful Cintique as my venue.  What is normally so easy for me in watercolor is still a struggle in this new format.  I’m not thinking tonally. I”m in essence trying to paint tonally like an oil painter with digital tools that I can’t find easily, so it’s coming out crude.  I keep getting messed up by the interface.  Practice time I am sure will fix this.  Every day I tackle the challenge. Here you go baby