Vaquita Marina


The word vaquita is Spanish for “little cow”.  He is a species of porpoise and on the brink of extinction.  One of the world’s most threatened marine species is a tiny porpoise.  It only exists in the Gulf of California, outside of Mexico. It is officially one of Mexico’s threatened species.  No one knows for sure how many are still alive today; but by 2018 there were less than 19, according to researchers estimate. Unless the decline of this species can be halted, the vaquitas are likely to go extinct before 2021.  What a beautiful little guy.  It is frustrating to watch the process and we can’t do anything about it.  So if all I can do is draw.  I draw.
With the lock down in place from covid 19, I should have lots of time.  In reality, I don’t have more time.  I am just busier than ever, and that’s a lot for me.  I chose to get into the guts of photoshop and learn a new interface and grapple with new tools and the wonderful Cintique as my venue.  What is normally so easy for me in watercolor is still a struggle in this new format.  I’m not thinking tonally. I”m in essence trying to paint tonally like an oil painter with digital tools that I can’t find easily, so it’s coming out crude.  I keep getting messed up by the interface.  Practice time I am sure will fix this.  Every day I tackle the challenge. Here you go baby




Red sun abstract landscape


What if?  What if the world were to end like this?  Beautiful colors with unlivable conditions?  What if the sun as we know it failed to support life on this strange planet?


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a b c alphabet letters


These three little letters were an idea I had a long time ago and I did not forget about them.  I love drawing and sketching little critters and I hope I can get a complete alphabet one day of little marching letters.  When I drew them the sketch had little white feet of some kind and I carried it through here in the photoshop drawing.


The red and green above are the original ideas which I managed to save from oblivion.
I love the little legs and I think if I can be consistent throughout the alphabet on treatment of this kind of nice flowing design, white feet, treatment on their heads and eyes especially and the thick and thin variety in the black lines, I hope I may actually have something here.  I did do an alphabet a long time ago and here is one letter done in scratchboard and gold.  I can’t find it right now but it will show up.  It was pretty awesome.

Of course, I know I’m going about this in the wrong way because these should be done in vector in AI and to do them as bitmap in photoshop is pretty labor intensive.  But….I wanted to get the idea down why I still remember it.   Also I have lots of brushing up to do in Illustrator and photoshop is right now easier for me.



Notes on Drawing from Life

   Here are a few notes given to my students from my watercolor class. I have started teaching here in my little Mexican community in San Antonio, Mexico. If you are interested in this series of “Painting from Life”, feel free to email me at paintsdaily@gmail.com.

simplify<study line art

check out Picasso early line drawings

Stay loose, don’t worry about details.

Speed draw whenever you can.

Use the timer on your cell phone.