Ajijic Mural Painter

mural-painter-webYou can see the mural painter in many places in town.  They beautiful the adobe walls with their art, celebrating the joy of color and tradition.  Painting is something that is casual here, and that’s my favorite part about it.  Artists paint everywhere they have an available space.  This is just another way the culture stays alive.

I really wanted to paint him. Painting a painting in process seems like a fun idea.  He is working hard on the job and I admire the way he paints without a scaffold.  He is balancing his paints, brushes and whatever else he needs on a ledge that looks kind of precarious.  The casualness that he approaches the whole project fascinates me.  You can tell he’s just starting out.  I wonder what it will look like when he’s done.


This original watercolor is available. email me if you are interested in purchasing it.