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The Giving Christmas Tree

reworking of an analog drawing, now digital

I have always liked the saying “To give is to receive”. I think it’s because this has come true in my life so many times. I gave it a light and whimsical font to keep in the mood with the subject matter. The sketches were done very quickly with pen and ink on a sketch pad. They are in no order of importance on the tree. I think I laid them out digitally according to size. They represent things I have always held dear to my daily life, wherever I lived, worked or played.
There are plants, herbs, animals, dishes, quilts, furniture, an old fashioned windowsill, balloons, flowers in vases, a bumblebee, a big bow, a little cow, afternoon tea and of course a can of soup.
Here is the link to purchase this art on a ton of products. thanks for looking.

Ajijic, flora and fauna

Ajijic Plaza Umbrellas

AjijicPlaza copy-web.jpgThis is a small scene in the downtown Centro Plaza in Ajijic, Mexico. It’s a relaxed and sometimes very busy place.  Weekends find artisans selling their wares, musicians playing their instruments in festive songs. Generally it’s a busy but festive place. You can get and ice cream and sit on a bench and people watch or meet friends for lunch at nearby restaurants.  Food carts await and taxis sit at their stations ready to bring you anywhere you want to go.

The atmosphere is always friendly and there’s always the sound of laughter of happy children running in and out of the gazebo.  It’s a wonderful place to share with friends.  Flower are always blooming Ajijic Plaza umbrellas  against a clear blue sky.

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old blue chevy silk painting -49er

Look what I found in an old folder. This jewel was in my first solo show in 1995 in Ventura, CA. I had done quite a few of these silk paintings with procion dyes and framed them. I just love this and was so happy to find the photo. Like almost all of the art around that time, I have no recollection or idea of who bought it or where it is. I do remember the process though. For over a year, I went around with my camera searching back streets of Oxnard and Ventura to find old trucks and cars to paint. I was pretty kooky in those days and full of energy. The silk series was a wonderful thing. I could never do that again. There are other shots in that folder. I promise myself I will do something with these photos.

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That’s Mine…cat fight

pen and ink

We’ve all seen this. It’s not really a fight but more of a stand-off. The big guy walks around with a shadow of his former self on his back. See his alter ego white cat with the green eyes and reverse calico markings on his back. Just in case you didn’t guess, he’s just a gentle soul because he also has a butterfly on his head. Fun. This one will definitely appear in my small picture book series. Number 1 on friendship is complete, number 2 in process…it’s about lunch. what? yup. Just fun stuff.

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Fantasy City Moroccan style

Fantasy city Moroccan style

Watercolor from imagination. This watercolor was almost thrown away and I realized it had redeemable qualities. It was on a watercolor pad and we were traveling with minimum art supplies. It was just a testing of random colors splashed on the pad. It was about 4 years old and had been long forgotten. The only water I had was in a small spray bottle. I had 2 brushes and a small dish on my gouache palette. Believe me it did not start out looking like this. The dark shades were my muddy water mixed with browns and blues which I used to define the shapes. I pushed the paint around and did a lot of lifting with a thirsty brush. I worked on it very gently and slowly for about an hour, a little bit at a time. It turned out amazing. I just love it when little miracles like this happen.

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Two Fish with Bubbles

These two fantasy fish are pen and ink line art drawings done the old fashioned way .,..with a crowquill pen and Higgins black drawing ink. Of course, they are mirrored images of themselves in photoshop.

I digitally colored them today as the original felt a little plain in just black and white. This is an untraditional color palette for fish in the sea but I think it’s exciting. Well, why not have some fun. The picture it will be next to is of a soft grey/blue/turquoise palette and they hopefully will work together well. Maybe my fish are a little on the whacky side? They would like that.

I originally just wanted to add some bubbles as they are supposed to be saying HI to each other and then look what happened. I think the eyeballs are better placed in the original, so I may go back and change it again. I got carried away coloring. I thought they needed eyebrows too. Ha. Here’s the original black and white. This is a page from my little picture book BFF Best Friends Forever, which I have been working on for a few weeks.


Make a line, make some art

When I was a kid, my brother and I would play a game. It was fun with the two of us but you could easily do it with lots more. The first person make a line on paper, or a curve or a dot…whatever was your fancy, They pass it to the next person and he picks it up and adds to what you did and then passes it on to the next. By the time it passes a few hands it begins to look like something. This is a fun exercise I used to do with my students because it frees them up and they feel less self-concious about what they are doing. You can get some interesting results.

Lately I’ve been drawing like this a lot. It’s very relaxing and if you try it, remember the only point of reference is your brain and your imagination. Don’t use any references of any kind. It might be hard to do in the beginning but if you stick with it, it will get easier. Why do it? Because it let’s your self-conscious mind release the hidden images you walk around with every day and never release. When you draw from a photo, you rely on an external image to trigger creativity. Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not.

This is the latest one I’ve done. It turned out to look like my white orange tabby cat Guero. Guero means very blonde in Spanish. He is almost white…a very fair haired fellow. HE is living here on a tee.