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The Giving Christmas Tree

reworking of an analog drawing, now digital

I have always liked the saying “To give is to receive”. I think it’s because this has come true in my life so many times. I gave it a light and whimsical font to keep in the mood with the subject matter. The sketches were done very quickly with pen and ink on a sketch pad. They are in no order of importance on the tree. I think I laid them out digitally according to size. They represent things I have always held dear to my daily life, wherever I lived, worked or played.
There are plants, herbs, animals, dishes, quilts, furniture, an old fashioned windowsill, balloons, flowers in vases, a bumblebee, a big bow, a little cow, afternoon tea and of course a can of soup.
Here is the link to purchase this art on a ton of products. thanks for looking.

Ajijic, flora and fauna

Ajijic Plaza Umbrellas

AjijicPlaza copy-web.jpgThis is a small scene in the downtown Centro Plaza in Ajijic, Mexico. It’s a relaxed and sometimes very busy place.  Weekends find artisans selling their wares, musicians playing their instruments in festive songs. Generally it’s a busy but festive place. You can get and ice cream and sit on a bench and people watch or meet friends for lunch at nearby restaurants.  Food carts await and taxis sit at their stations ready to bring you anywhere you want to go.

The atmosphere is always friendly and there’s always the sound of laughter of happy children running in and out of the gazebo.  It’s a wonderful place to share with friends.  Flower are always blooming Ajijic Plaza umbrellas  against a clear blue sky.


Women Mariachis; exploring a theme

When I first came to Mexico, my only occasion to enjoy mariachis was when enjoying lunch with friends on the malecon– a wide boardwalk along lakeside. They come to your table and request if you want them to perform…a special song, a birthday wish, or any popular Mexican music. I learned how different happy birthday is in Spanish…even a different melody.
Little by little by going to a lot of music performances I learned that mariachi is a specific culture to different locations of city and states. They have a collection of dances, costumes, songs etc. You know what state they are from by their gorgeous and intricate costumes, specific songs and very specific dances. Everybody is aware of the wonderful big sombreros with their colors and embroidery. They are a real treat for the eyes and lots of fun for an artist.
I started doing caricatures of the dancers and singers last year. The drawings are becoming more complex as I develop more techniques on my tablet. I love this so much. Sometimes it’s hard but so much fun. I have been trying to do one drawing a day. It makes me happy. Below is the first one I ever did and is my most popular seller Spanish Christmas greeting card. After exploring women mariachi bands, they are now a sealed-in theme for me and I will continue to explore them. When you draw every day, you learn a lot, sometimes in spite of yourself.