The Mural Painter

mural-painter-webMurals are literally everywhere here in the village.  They are beautiful, inspiring, vibrant and most of them contain a good dose of magic.  They have references I don’t undertand.  Things like Mexican history, skulls and story telling elements of magic and events I’m not privy to.  I photographed a lot of them when I was here last August.

Now that I’m living here and have some time I’m taking more pictures of murals again.  I was lucky enough to bump into this artist while he was on the job.  I decided he should be one of my watercolor subjects.  I loved the sign in the background and the graphics of it.  I don’t know what his idea for the mural was because it looks like he’s just getting started.

Lots of things come to mind here.  I admire that he is working without a scaffold. I have terrible vertigo and don’t like to look down and have not gotten on a ladder in a long time. I can even get it watching a movie with a vertigo scene.  So, kudos to him for balancing his paint tray, brushes and rags.  He just struck me as elegant and I know he was a hard worker, and he seemed to take a great pride in his work.  That is common here and a big reason this is a wonderful place.  People here like their work, however small or insignificant it might seem to others.  They are happy to put a good day’s labor into something that makes the village smile.  corny? I don’t think so. It’s refreshing.