White Cat Catching Fish–then and now

My cat drawings are always a bit abstract because I like to see my kitties show their personality with more of a design feature rather than a realistic rendering.  This new painting is a reworking of a very old greeting card I designed years ago.  The old painting was dark and a bit exotic I thought.  This reworking shows miss kitty in a more cheerful and colorful light.  She looks happier and as though she is enjoying her fishing expedition.

There is a lot to be said about reworking old art.  After all, we are always evolving as artists and we don’t need to reinvent the wheel every time we sit down to draw.  It is comforting to be creative with our own alphabet and language that we love and feel a passion for.  When I started this kitty, I was taking a gamble and I am very pleased at the outcome.  It is becoming popular and is being featured now in my art groups.


Below is the original old drawing which as you can see, shows a different personality.  I still have a soft spot for this older work but I can see a big change.

old-escher-white cat.web