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Doodle faces and expressions

finished drawing

Sketching face doodles from imagination. At this point, everything I’m drawing is from my head only. Here I’ve transformed pen and ink on watercolor paper to a png with some modifications–text, cleaning up, background and color burns, etc. I saw this through a cloud of faces and hoped to represent it that way. I am calling this group the Curly-Q’s. I hope to incorporate them into one of my little picture books. I am sure I will find the right place for them. Here is another shot of how it started out. The whole image began with pencil swirls on watercolor, scanning and then went through a lot of changes in photoshop.

original sketch on ProArt field book, 7×10.

I’ve listed this on RedBubble and on TeePublic. fun

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making Mother’s Day greeting cards

3 topiaries

Here are cards I’ve been designing with original pen and ink drawings colored in watercolor

Mandala watercolor on toned paper

Some are funny and some are in Spanish.

siamese cat mess
pen and ink digital coloring

There will be more but I wanted to post these as they were so much fun to do. All my cards and paintings are available at Art Connection Art Gallery in Ajijic . The cards are also available at my
Red Bubble site.

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old blue chevy silk painting -49er

Look what I found in an old folder. This jewel was in my first solo show in 1995 in Ventura, CA. I had done quite a few of these silk paintings with procion dyes and framed them. I just love this and was so happy to find the photo. Like almost all of the art around that time, I have no recollection or idea of who bought it or where it is. I do remember the process though. For over a year, I went around with my camera searching back streets of Oxnard and Ventura to find old trucks and cars to paint. I was pretty kooky in those days and full of energy. The silk series was a wonderful thing. I could never do that again. There are other shots in that folder. I promise myself I will do something with these photos.