Are We Different? What a question.

Two adorable critters are having a serious discussion on the subject of whether or not they are different. Seriously? They are like night and day. They are not people or goblins or menacing anythings. They are just critters wondering why they don’t fit in? So tell me who fits the norm if we can agree that they certainly are different.

When I was placing tags on this image it was very hard. It’s an abstract thought. The illustration is about prejudice and bigotry. It’s about purple and green skin on fantasy beings. It’s about a sky that has a spherical illumination in a world that is truly dark. I remember in the early 1980’s there were a lot of people writing about multi-culturalism and how we ought to be giving this a lot of focus in our schools for our future generations. The authors described this as a new focus on an inspirational world where mores would change. Peoples would be migrating north they said. I remember that quote specifically. That was then and this was now. What has changed? What have we accepted? What remains the same? So I think my new efforts in designing are moving to writing 4 lines of poetry with accompanying drawings. I’m liking that idea. Here’s the link to these guys on tshirts.


Picasso study woman in chemise with picasso bug necklace

After Pablo Picasso’s rose period style painting of woman in chemise, I painted this watercolor with her sporting the picasso bug from Africa. This bug really does exist and I wanted him to adorn our most beloved painter of the 21st century. Find her on my tshirt here

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The picasso bug adorns Pablo Picasso’s suit

This is a watercolor I did of the master, Pablo Picasso sporting a real picasso bug on his lapel collar. When I discovered that there is a real bug by that name living in Africa, I could not resist painting him. You can find him here


A bug on Picasso’s shoulder

This watercolor is from my Picasso bug series where this unique insect from Africa hold the title of “picasso bug”. I don’t know if he was named after the artist or not but when I found him I could not resist to paint him on some inspirations of the master’s early works. You can find him here.

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After Picasso Field Workers, drawn in scratchboard

This is a scratchboard drawing I did as a series getting the inspiration from early Picasso works. I had learned somewhere along time that there is a colorful bug in Africa called the picasso bug. I don’t know if it was named after him or not but it actually has circus colors not too distant from Picasso’s harlequin early paintings. So I drew him in the series as a kind of funny comment on how such a little bug can sit alongside the great master. I will be posting the fun short series. This one is engraved in scratchboard black and painted with various water and acrylics. Of course the textures and colors and patterns are typically me.