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Chickens exotica


Chickens are all about color and attitude.  After all, who has more feathers?  Maybe a peacock.  Peacocks are fancy and exotic. Chickens are commonly seen everywhere, in every place on the globe.  That does not mean they are common animals.

To me, anybody that only has two legs and can’t fly high or far, and who needs their wits about them to survive deserves some kudos for living so long.  I designed this artwork as a ceramic tile, hoping someday I could see it on a tile.  This may never happen but I think none-the-less it should be in somebody’s kitchen.  Make sure you check out the little hard boiled eggs in the borders.

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animals, flora and fauna, Illustrations

L is for Lamb

L-is-for-lamb-kid size-th

Lambs are animals I have always loved.  My mother grew up on a farm and she said they were the sweetest of all the baby animals.  I enjoy seeing them in fields or how nice is it to look out your window and be able to see sheep and lambs grazing.

I painted this little watercolor very simply.  It is part of a growing interest in my “alphabet series”.  I don’t know what this series will become, but I love letters and script and any excuse to play is great.

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Fantasy Mermaid Watercolor


Between serious painting, there is a layer of fantasy fun.  This is yet another old watercolor I have reworked and I am playing a little bit with text.  Enjoy the fantasy. Believe me, I think we can all use some of this.

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Red Deer Illustration

red-deer th

This illustration with extra color and a few symbolic waves of grain is an older drawing that I have completely redrawn and repainted with watercolor pencils.  I love the flourishes and references to plant and animal life.  I have digitally removed the background so the image can be printed on different color textiles.  There is another red deer in this series which will appear soon.

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Coto pool and painting outside plein aire style

W-N-travel-paletteLovely sunny day. Quiet here and wanting to be outside, coto-pool-webmy friend and I set out to spend an hour with our mini palettes and brushes and small watercolor pads. This is the wading pool in my (coto) community. It is complete with great healthy palm trees and singing birds.
It is important and joyful to paint outside. It is a liberating experience. Tiny brush, tiny palette, tiny view of a huge scene. Plein aire paintings are super honest. Perhaps because you have to be quick before the moving sun changes your view.
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