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Liz’ Pink Flower challenge


My friend Liz Ozselcuk does beautiful digital photography.  She challenged me to play with one of her photos.  So this is the watercolor I came up with.  This was so much fun.  Here’s the step by step of how we are playing with this image.

Liz’ digital photo which was originally as the white flower looked with no changes, then she turned it into this.   

Here’s the original white flowers before digital  (changes) copy to your browser:

So here’s an explanation of how I did my little painting from her digital change….


2 thoughts on “Liz’ Pink Flower challenge”

    1. Judy, I will try to make it more clear about the process. I will do another one and take lots of individual shots or truth is, what I really need to do is get a video camera and make a little video. I’m working on it. What I have missed is the drawing part. But you know how to draw and so you should be able to do just fine.


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