Painting is saving my life, as it always has.

Now that I am pretty settled in my little house and I am getting around pretty well by my daily walks, buses and lucky to have a great cabbie,  I thought I was in good shape.  Oops, I had a bad fall on the Caratera a few weeks ago (the main drag) and damaged my knee.  I now have a few weeks of pain under my belt: a leg brace, a walker and general all around disability that I am ready to leave behind.  I want this to go away but it’s not happening yet.

In the meantime I am still working on my Spanish, I go to class when I am up to it and I try to fumble through as much speaking as I can.  It’s getting better.  Painting makes everything fell better.  It’s my comfort zone.  If I am not feeling any pain I can paint– if I have enough energy.  If I can speak a few words to my friends and neighbors en espanol,  it makes me feel like I’m getting something done.  I have amazing friends and family.  That makes all the difference in the world.

pink flowers-web

I am posting to POD sites online pretty regularly.  I’ve got three major sites I’m working with and my almost daily Facebook postings keep me in touch with my friends here in Mexico and also in the states.  I am corresponding with the art community here and online.  This is fun because I love people and they are holding me up almost on a daily basis.

The fall has been very hard on my psyche and the recovery is very slow.  Cracked bones don’t heal quickly and it’s tough being temporarily disabled.  Mostly it’s the trauma of the event.  I try to not think about it because it’s so scary.   I am grateful for my internal time table that pushes me to produce so much art.  It’s not every day in  life  you can be motivated to paint and draw.  I want to do 2 or 3 more working people, women preparing food, paint some white Mexican lilies seen so often in Diego Rivera’s murals and some local children, because they are so beautiful.  When these are done, hopefully I can put a portfolio book together that will be interesting and tell my little story.  It will also have illustrations of designs and flowers that I have been doing between my concept watercolors.

So until the next watercolors happen, Hasta Luega.

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