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Jake and Elwood, Calico Twins

jake-friend-th.jpgJake and Elwood are named after the Blues Brothers film.  Their caretakers are my good friends in Washington.   Judy and Larry adopted them when they were babies from a shelter.  Calicos are my favorite cats.  I love their temperament and their handsome looks.  They are usually a little on the hefty side, which feels nice when they sit on your lap.  Judy’s photo of them was amazing and inspired me to try this watercolor.

Lately the more I try to preserve my whites on the paper, the more I get caught up on dancing around the main issue.  I learned a lot with this painting.  I tackled what I thought was the main goal first and sketched it out in pencil.  There are 2 cats who love to look out the window and love to dream.  Anything can happen out there and no matter what, they stay safe inside.

Yes, they are dark against light.  Inside vs. outside. I added a little twist by curling their tails together which create a visual heart.  Cats are popular for a reason.  Maybe they are really as wise as the Egyptians made them out to be.

To purchase prints here’s where to go.

2 thoughts on “Jake and Elwood, Calico Twins”

  1. You may have taken license with their tails but I have a picture of them as kittens that exact way, their tails formed a heart. Thank you, Judy


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