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Rachel’s value study from the refrigerator

rachel-value studyA jug of maple syrup, a jar of capers and a fresh pear.

A value study using pencil sketch, neutral tint in light, medium and dark mixes.  Then a few touches of glazing with transparent colors once the preliminary was very dry.

I call this class “the stage” as we set a scene and want to define what is in front, what is in the middle and what is in the background.

The final wash is a background of a dark base color of neutral tint. Surprise, as the shadows become very light against the dark background.  I love this effect.  On the whole, this is a painting that is exciting to me as it shows Rachel’s grasping of how to use the brush quickly without fussing and she definitely has captured the essence and feel of the scene.
Here is another example of her work in thumbnails and studies.  This class is called drawing from life.      Red Grapes:


finished grapes

She decided to use a long and narrow view looking through the paper viewfinder.  This meant changing the aspect ratio of the watercolor paper.  This is a difficult concept and she did great.

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