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Chickens exotica


Chickens are all about color and attitude.  After all, who has more feathers?  Maybe a peacock.  Peacocks are fancy and exotic. Chickens are commonly seen everywhere, in every place on the globe.  That does not mean they are common animals.

To me, anybody that only has two legs and can’t fly high or far, and who needs their wits about them to survive deserves some kudos for living so long.  I designed this artwork as a ceramic tile, hoping someday I could see it on a tile.  This may never happen but I think none-the-less it should be in somebody’s kitchen.  Make sure you check out the little hard boiled eggs in the borders.

Right now, this image is available on lots of neat stuff here.  Check it out por favor.

2 thoughts on “Chickens exotica”

  1. I like this painting very much. The portrayal of the fighting cocks is very expressive. And the bright colours are beautiful.


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