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Going big with small art


This is a small scratchboard that I drew a long time ago as a commission for someone’s wedding anniversary.  It seemed funny and goofy at the time.   I’m using it as an exercise here in working with the text.  I put it against a big black frame and used the new font I just purchased called Nauticus Script Bold.  It just seemed to fit the subject.  I think this works and I’m getting encouraged again.  So maybe I won’t quit exploring text.

I love the way the spaces seem to work together.  It is intriguing.  The words are a pun on “your wish is my command”.  My eye keeps going back and forth between the very even spacial treatment in my command to the wider spacing in your kiss.  I did not adjust the kerning.  I need to think about this more.

The very big image is a new bold try for me.  Here it is on a product.



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