Little sailor’s first day on ship

Here’s a little sketch that I like…even though it’s ink on paper, it has gone through lots of changes. I have been having success with masking lately and I love coloring my art and combining it with text. I hope what is coming through here is the feeling that we all have had from time to time in new situations. You meet new people, go to new places where there are new groups of people that you don’t know etc. How awkward it can feel to be out of the elements that you call home. This little guy is not ready for prime time players as we can see by the look of sheer terror on his face. OF COURSE, a lot if not most of my art is not commercial but I put it out there on products for people to have fun with. I call this on another not commercial art in commercial art forums. ha Just picture what kind of ship he just got onboard to.

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