storytelling art, Tablet Drawing

Iriel Draws

Here is a wonderful guest for a few days from Durango. She is an artist and has been drawing since she was 3. Her parents save all her drawings. She has a very tiny sketchbook that she always carries with her. It is about 3″x2″ has a cover and a clip to hold a tiny pen. Her drawings tell stories and she even uses words in her art. Today we spent time together and I showed her PS2023 on the Cintique. She caught on quickly and so she drew the girl in steps. The styllus was a little difficult because it’s much bigger than a pencil and she did try the pressure sensitive strokes. difficult. She learned layers and I showed her the bucket tool. So she quickly learned what a closed form is. She decided on the blue background and added some flower shapes with different colors. She is a joy and I hope we can communicate via the internet in the near future. Luv you Iriel.