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Iriel Draws

Here is a wonderful guest for a few days from Durango. She is an artist and has been drawing since she was 3. Her parents save all her drawings. She has a very tiny sketchbook that she always carries with her. It is about 3″x2″ has a cover and a clip to hold a tiny pen. Her drawings tell stories and she even uses words in her art. Today we spent time together and I showed her PS2023 on the Cintique. She caught on quickly and so she drew the girl in steps. The styllus was a little difficult because it’s much bigger than a pencil and she did try the pressure sensitive strokes. difficult. She learned layers and I showed her the bucket tool. So she quickly learned what a closed form is. She decided on the blue background and added some flower shapes with different colors. She is a joy and I hope we can communicate via the internet in the near future. Luv you Iriel.

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drawing dogs–Fenway

For a while, I’ve decided to do some digital drawings of dogs. This is Fenway and I saw his photo on my friend, Melinda Dalke‘s site. She said ok go ahead and draw him, so here he is. Every dog has a special personality and I thought he was adorable. The way he cocks his head and his eyes are pretty captivating.
This is the first completely digital sketch so I’ve learned a lot about which are the best brushes to use. He has a lot of yellow but in real life his colors are much more subtle. I used hand drawn lines to add a little more texture. Here he is on my products.

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Painting dogs

Some dogs of course just touch your heart. I’ve been tablet drawing and have an idea of what I want but still have a ways to go. To me the most important thing is to try to capture the personality of the dog. Digital sketching gets a little bizarre with animal fur brushes. Tablet drawing works great if you have a plan. A good plan is to keep it as simple as possible and everything to a minimum. I think I’m looking for something in between a traditional portrait with the flare of digital. Then if I could master lighting, that’s where I want to be.

I’m not at all happy with the below image. I will do it over but I just take a black and white shot to get an idea of the values. As you can see, there are more problems than values. It’s a mixed up mess with wrong brushes used for what I’m looking for. There are blacks in here that are way too dark and the piece has no continuity. His beautiful eyes are lost. The next version will begin with line art and then use selections for 4 values in grey scale to use as my flats. Onward and don’t give up.

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Art Nouveau digital drawing

Lately I’ve been having fun drawing digitally. If you know anything about famous hot dogs you will get it. She was fun and I think I’ll do more art nouveau style sketches. enjoy. Here she is in my online store

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Desayuno or Breakfast

breakfast or desayuno

I am getting back to blogging after another health issue. I’m getting tired of this happening to me so I’m not going to write about it, I’m just going to change the subject. I signed on to Instagram and am looking to meet new people and other artists I have things in common with. I’m not crazy about posting a lot on social media but in the art world, it is expected. Because of Covid and lockdown here as in many places all over the world, the restaurant and food business and food workers have been severely hit.
Being able to go to a little local cafe for a spot of breakfast is no longer a thing to take for granted. A few days ago I visited one such local cafe to find the people easy and nice as usual and the food wonderful too. Somehow they bring a little joy back in our lives. So I’ve decided to do a series drawn completely on my tablet. I’d like to pay homage to our stoic restaurant workers. This is a little different for me as I almost start all my art with a watercolor of some sort of pen and ink. I am challenging myself. Let me know if you like this or not. Here’s the link to view the artwork on my products.