Empty Church


I first saw this unique building from a friend’s balcony high on the hill.  I knew it was something that needed further exploration.  That was in August.  It is now January and I have moved to Ajijic and one of the first things on the  ‘to do’ list was to see this mysterious building close up.  My roommate and I figured we could get there by hiking down the footpath from our house.  We could see it pretty clearly from our azotea or rooftop.  That first hike was exciting and there were surprises along the way:  fresh sage bushes, small chickens and a small rooster as well as goats and their herder.  Like all things Ajijic, every step needed to be carefully taken.  Slippery rocks, water, mud and the like can be unfriendly.

When we reached the bottom of the steep hill, this wonderful building seemed to glow in the late afternoon sun.  It really was pink and yellow.  It looked like it was never finished and even though a stone wall separated us, we could see it was empty.  The arches and two domes with their wooden crosses were signature markings.  So this is the second painting in this new series,  It’s very motivating to see new things to paint that intrigue and inspire.

This is identified as Capilla Vieja del Panteon Municipal De San Antonio, Tlayacapan.

This watercolor is available. Inquiries @ paintsdaily@gmail.com

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