First Snow in Pueblo


This watercolor is of a Navajo girl wrapped in a colorful blanket.  I am including it here so it does not get lost and I can keep some record of it.  It is in a private collection in Long beach, Washington.

I am including a link to my online store where I have put her on a few products.

daily paintings

green apple still life


Here is a Pippin green apple on an old dish cloth.  This is a miniature watercolor where I find myself going back in time and painting quick vignettes of little household things.

As I recover from surgery and the adjustment to living in Mexico, I need to go back and establish my roots and where I’ve come from.  I have been a daily painter for many years and it gives me comfort.

Check out all the new paintings I’ve done in the past few weeks here.  Ive been playing with abstracts and using vivid colors.  Thanks for looking.