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Crazy Angelfish sketch in fantasy mood

This is an exotic angelfish from my imagination. I never started out drawing a fish. These were just brush marks with black ink on white paper. Just a doodle for sure. Then when I looked at it later I thought it looked a bit like a fish and it might be fun to enhance on the Cintique. Well, the little guy kept growing and getting stranger and stranger as I went along. In the end though I think those long wavy things hopefully look like part of his flowing body in the water.

There is nothing like drawing and doodling for fun. I think all he needs is some floating bubbles around him. I watched “My teacher Octopus” film on Netflix and loved it. I admit I cried. Definitely. I think the film is still in my head. I loved the sea in that film too as well as the photographer, and the way he documented the whole process.
Here’s the link if you want this.

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