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Crazy Angelfish sketch in fantasy mood

This is an exotic angelfish from my imagination. I never started out drawing a fish. These were just brush marks with black ink on white paper. Just a doodle for sure. Then when I looked at it later I thought it looked a bit like a fish and it might be fun to enhance on the Cintique. Well, the little guy kept growing and getting stranger and stranger as I went along. In the end though I think those long wavy things hopefully look like part of his flowing body in the water.

There is nothing like drawing and doodling for fun. I think all he needs is some floating bubbles around him. I watched “My teacher Octopus” film on Netflix and loved it. I admit I cried. Definitely. I think the film is still in my head. I loved the sea in that film too as well as the photographer, and the way he documented the whole process.
Here’s the link if you want this.

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Yellow Koi Green Waters


I’m painting more fish these days.  These koi are imaginary and don’t hold true as anatomically correct.  That is another reason they are a respite from “correct” drawing and are like a little vacation for me.   Koi are valuable and bred for their size and beauty.  How wonderful is that?  I am having fun with this so I’ll let it be.  The original will have some gold leaf to sparkle it up a little.  That is the next stage so for now, this will do.  I will try to remember to post the embellished version when complete.

I used a fine black marker and a fine white ink over the darks to enhance the patterns.  I love painting the deep water with transparent watercolors and tried to use motion and several thin layers to give a feeling of depth.

Here is a print on textile.

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Fish Paisley, b&w and color


Fish are one of my favorite subjects lately.  They are accommodating and generous.  They let me play all I want to with their shapes and patterns.  This will be fun to paint in watercolor.  This is another page in my WIP coloring book.  Soon it will come together.  Wish me luck.

If you like it in black and white the way you see it here, there’s another option for your custom laptop setting.

If you want it in color here it is.

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Fish Number 1, flying solo


This is one of several fish that is hand drawn from my imagination.  The world is fun when you can create a place where “troubles melt like lemon drops”.

The process:  Once this little fellow gets plopped into a collection of black and white illustrations, then I transfer his image to watercolor paper and hand color it.  The two versions of my book (one black and white and one color), give me a great option for two audiences. All it takes is twice the work. ha ha I feel like a kid again, but with technical tools.

If you are interested, this artwork is for sale on my online store in both paper and textile and metal.