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Tribute to Earth Day as ideas flow


This is the new artwork with text.
On the right is the art with no text.

The original artwork was done a long time ago as a scratchboard.

original scratchboard artwork

I wanted to revise it and try to work in some text with it.  The new artwork was drawn completely in photoshop and took me well over two days.  It would have been a three hour job in watercolor and about the same in scratchboard (it was a small piece).  That’s ok because I am learning something new.  The hardest thing for me is learning how to set up my screen, tools and workspace.  I will be getting a tower computer and another monitor to put my tools on.  Hopefully, that will make a big difference.  My eyes are getting used to the blended bifocals but that has been a long, long, struggle.  So all in all, I am doing better.  Considering I could not see anything for months, I am so grateful that I can still see.

The font I chose for “earth day” is Stroke Dimension and the heart with text is a font called Conversation Hearts.  Kind of fun. Whatever key you press, has a different message.  The letter “a” says alphabet and I need to figure out how to open it.

I think this Earth Day artwork would make a great greeting card.  I can’t seem to get away from designing greeting cards.  My new dream is to design greeting cards here in Mexico.  There is a different attitude here about cards and they are not used as much but it’s a good way for me to study my Spanish. It’s hard to jump into another country and try to express yourself and at the same time connect with the local culture.

On another note, I picked up 12 large paintings from my framer today and they are very awesome and exciting.  They are from the “Colorbook” series.  There is a lot going on right now and every day I get busier and busier.


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