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2 sheep friendship neighbors

I’ve been working on this friendship theme for a while now. Here is another idea with a different color palette from a pen and ink sketch of 2 barnyard sheep. This theme won’t let go of me. I love barnyard animals, and simple designs. I love playing with new colors and fun brushes. I also am using some new fonts just for kids. This one is Doodly: loving it and all the glyphs included too. I enjoy putting words together in unexpected ways. The next variation will be half as simple as this one….which I feel is painterly. I’m looking for something more graphic. Don’t you just love to play with art? It’s kind of like cooking. A little of this and some of that. Here it is on a tee

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Rooster crows at sunrise

rooster is shown here without text

One time in my life I had a rooster who adopted me in CA. He would fly up and sleep in the trees at night. We had a lot of coyotes there. I never made a pen for him because aside from the tons of coyotes around, I had dogs who would love to catch him too. He would come in the mornings and I would leave seed out for him while the dogs were inside. We lived together this way for almost a year. He moved across the mountain a year later to somebody else’s place. I always had a lot of respect for him but felt I could never invite him in…I was sure he would be eaten. What a survivor!

He he is with text on my tee shirt shop.

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Working with Quotes WOMEN

I just ran across these lovely star brushes and wanted to practice using them. This inspirational quote is attributed to a few people but most seem to think it came from 1st lady Eleanor Roosevelt. I’m happy with that. It is certainly true.
There are so many quotes to play with, this is only one of many to come. I wanted to put a graphic in here so I did a quick line art of a woman’s face. It was hard to find a place to make her work in the composition. It’s funny how when you begin designing something with the background, the whole piece takes on a “painting” feel. This can be good and bad too because it’s just one more design element to consider. Painting elements take away from graphic elements. It seems like it should be an either or choice to make. That’s why I ended up putting here translucent face on top of text and she ends up being small.
Here’s a thought–if you look at the bottom 2/3rd of this artwork it is a square …and the words have an opposite meaning of what the quote is. It would be “women rarely make history”. Ha. Pretty funny. I think these colors work. check it out on tee public.

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Be good to bugs and insects

Here are four bugs and some with wings. This is a simple design to draw and I’m not that crazy about some bugs but some are very beautiful. The text is simple Ariel font and each letter is outlined in a different color. The purpose of this exercise was twofold: how to make a design look good on medium range of background colors and 2: hide some of the text so that the viewer does not notice he can’t see the whole thing. enjoy and see it here on different colors

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Retro couple romantic dancing and courting

I have redrawn and recolored a vintage comic book page in photoshop. The experiment took a long time and turned out very different than what I had pictured in my head. The line art was drawn in black and I thought I would play and make the shadows with line art as a design element. I colored the illustration using bright colors and brushes that mostly look like air brushes. The bubble texts shapes were done by hand as well. I love the dialog in the bubbles and it is circa 1940’s.
The font is “Hello Pencile” which is an art deco style. I think the most successful part of the drawing is the brilliance of her dress. The characters end up having the same hair color. I love her long yellow gloves and orange bracelet. Compositionally, the eye naturally goes to the bottom of the art where there is so much dark towards the activity of all the lines. This was fun. I have listed it on teepublic.