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Fantasy City Moroccan style

Fantasy city Moroccan style

Watercolor from imagination. This watercolor was almost thrown away and I realized it had redeemable qualities. It was on a watercolor pad and we were traveling with minimum art supplies. It was just a testing of random colors splashed on the pad. It was about 4 years old and had been long forgotten. The only water I had was in a small spray bottle. I had 2 brushes and a small dish on my gouache palette. Believe me it did not start out looking like this. The dark shades were my muddy water mixed with browns and blues which I used to define the shapes. I pushed the paint around and did a lot of lifting with a thirsty brush. I worked on it very gently and slowly for about an hour, a little bit at a time. It turned out amazing. I just love it when little miracles like this happen.

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Raining in Old Town San Francisco

This is a scratchboard color engraving I did a while ago. I am feeling nostalgic these days and I love the way the old city’s lights shine the streets in rainy weather. People are walking around shopping and visiting, maybe getting hot chocolate or coffee at the local cafes. This is from a long time ago when there were horse drawn carts and a great old trolley car.
I wish I could have been there. Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong time. Art and books give us a way to transform our everyday lives into something magic. See the art here on my Fine Art America site.

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